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Originally Posted by John Arnold View Post
I question why you would want to. IMHO, unfinished necks are the way to go. They never get sticky when your hands are sweaty. If the grain raises, just smooth it with fine sandpaper or 0000 steel wool. Done.
BTW, the Martin 'bolt on' neck is also glued, so you would have to steam it out.
Thanks for that info. I'll take your advice, since you know a lot more than I do about these things. I'll just smooth it out and hope it stops happening after I "burnish" the wood from excessive playing, after a while. (like an old, worn-in handrail on stairsteps)

A few little splinters/chips came out of the neck, when the grain raised the first time. I can feel the little divots when I play - it's not that bad, but I'd like to fill them in with something and stop this from happening.
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