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Hi dorable,
Check that the neck is firmly attached to the body and the bolts are snugged up. Make sure the neck is not pulling away from the body under string tension. Next check the neck angle without strings. Start by adjusting the truss rod to get the neck flat with no relief. Then use a 24 inch straightedge down the center of the fretboard. Slide it towards the bridge until the end of the straightedge is right at the front of the bridge. The bottom of the straightedge should be just touching the top of the bridge or even a tiny bit above the bridge. I usually set the neck so I've got about a 1/32" gap above the bridge before stringing up. If the end of the straightedge is below the top of the bridge you may want to reset the neck angle.

If the neck angle is ok without strings try stringing it up and checking the relief and neck angle again. If the neck is flat and the end of the straightedge is no more than a tiny bit below the top of the bridge you should be able to adjust the action at the nut and saddle after setting the relief you want. If the neck angle still goes bad check your braces under the neck area, especially the transverse, and make sure the neck block isn't shifting under tension.

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