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And, more importantly, the little maple Ditson is finished. I've had it strung up here and there for a week or so and took pictures last night. Specs on it are:

Concert Ditson inspired body shape (my model PR), 13+" lower bout
Lutz spruce soundboard
Birdseye maple back and sides
spanish cedar neck
Blackwood fingerboard and bridge
25 5/8 scale
french polish finish
Custom Rubner tuning machines
EVO frets
non adjustable CF neck support

I wasn't fully sure what to expect- This was mostly a new shape for me and I haven't made a maple guitar in quite a while. Couldn't be happier, though, with the sound. I'm hearing a real Dread quality in the low notes, especially how they anchor chords and I like it a lot. No surprise maybe, as the larger Ditson shape inspired the Martin Dread. While the low end is a little Dread like there isn't the scooped EQ and lead runs are much more present than they otherwise might be. There is also a slight dryness I am attributing to the Maple that works well too. Chords aren't overly complicated and the runs are nice and smooth. I'm loving playing it. It is also really loud- I loosened up the top a bit and the whole thing is lightweight, it doesn't break 3 1/4 pounds strung up.

Overall I am very happy with it. Hoping it will be as loved where it is headed I kind of expect it will.....

Here are the finished photos:

PR01WEB-front-close by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

PR01WEB-back-3-4-close2 by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

PR01WEB-neck-joint-detail by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

PR01WEB-Headstock-face by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

PR01WEB-rosette-detail by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

PR01WEB-bridge-side by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

PR01WEB-end-graft by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

Thanks for following along
Boston, MA

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