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I started with a no name mandolin at age 23. I think I thru it out or gave it away.aweful club. I next bought an Alvarez . Had that about 10-15 yrs.
After that I bought a Rigel. I know the luthier well. Played in a band with him
Fo awhile. After about 20 yrs I had a windfall and bought an Ellis a5 special.
Will probably have it til I die.or go broke. There was a big jump in price
Between the Rigel and the Ellis. Knowing your budget would help get you pointed in the right direction. Mandolincafe is a great forum as well. Not
As good as agf but more mandocentric if you will. Mandolins Run from a few
Hundred to hundreds of thousands (Lloyd loar gibson f models from the 20s)
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