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And lastly, I am beginning a short run of truss rods for my guitars. I've posted about these before but they are more or less a standard 2 way rod but with slightly different materials with the goal of reducing the weight. I've been able to cut the rods that allied used to sell (The Blanchard design) in half and maintain their ability to move the neck. The trickiest part for me has been the threading of the titanium rods. The way I would do it for most other metals is problematic with the finicky titanium and I don't have the true industrial tooling a larger shop would. I did have 90% of an old style solution, though, and being me that was what I chose to pursue.

Once finished it worked great, and quickly. An 80 year old production method back in use for a modern material. I pretty much love everything about that

Here is a shot of the cutting arm at rest on my lathe and then a shot of the finished ends. The rest of the rods will be done shortly and will be in these upcoming CL and CLM guitars.

chase-screwcutting-whole-WEB by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

titanium-threaded-ends-WEB by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

Thanks for looking!
Boston, MA

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