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While the finish has been curing on the Ditson I have been pushing hard on the 2 guitars behind this one. All 3 had their rims and rosettes prepped together but the Ditson got priority in terms of completion. A CLM and a CL are right behind-

I closed the box on the Swiss/Amazon RW CLM this week and sanded everything flush. While working on the plates I had also prepped a test panel of an offcut from the board the Amazon set was cut from. The goal here is twofold- to begin experimenting with oil varnish in the hopes of being able to offer it as a standard finish, and to make sure it will dry on this specific rosewood-

And in that vein, so far so good. The application proved to be straight forward enough. It both dried and sanded well. It isn't as hard as I'd like yet but it still has 2 weeks before I would expect it to be ready to buff so I am hoping it continues curing. The color and depth of the finish is incredible, as expected. I will be so happy to be able to offer this as an option if this test continues as successfully as it has gone so far.

This CLM will get a bevel cutaway and likely the full treatment with a brass backplate as well. I have some materials coming in to do tests for that and will post details as it moves forward.

It is headed to Mike Joyce at Luthiers Collection and appears to already be spoken for, which is wonderful. There will be another headed out that way mid next year too.

Amazon-CLM-and-panel-WEB by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

varnish-test-panel-WEB by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr
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