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Originally Posted by DownUpDave View Post
If you play with a pick experiment with material and gauges. I get a large tonal difference from picks, going from thick to thin really increases brightness. I like 1.0 or .88 in Ultex and going down to a .60 is much brighter. Ultex and Primetone have a strong clear tone, nylon is warmer and duller, these are generalizations.

Paddy is correct about coated strings being warmer then noncoated. Try some Daddario 80/20 lights, 12s are brighter than 13s. Good luck
I use Ultex... on this guitar, they are perfect. My Red Bear is a little warmer, and the BC MUCH warmer. The Ultex helps bring out the trebles.

IDK about all coated strings, but I have always heard Elixirs (Nanos) as bright, even when compared to uncoated strings. As I said, I love Elixirs on this guitar, but the slightly higher tension puts me off.
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