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Resist the incremental step up.

The Morris suggestion is one to seriously consider. Great bang for the buck. Another sub $1K avenue is a Flatiron flat top.

Move into the $1500 range (used) and a whole host of great A styles open up, starting with a teens Gibson oval, or a used Weber, Pava, Giouard, etc. I'm partial to my A style f hole redwood topped Silverangel.

If you can, play as many mandolins as you can. Your Eastman will be fine until you can afford the jump. I don't think a higher grade Eastman is going to do it for you. Not slamming expensive Eastmans as much as praising the 300 series.

Get Rob Meldrum's free eBook on mandolin setup. Check where your mandolin is compared to the clearances found there. Then either follow the instructions or find a mandolin specialist who can do a setup. Don't assume a guitar tech knows how to set up a mandolin. A good setup is far more important than a new mandolin. Try a set of Silk and bronze or round wound strings for warmer tone.
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