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Originally Posted by mmasters View Post
In my experience, only about 1 in 3 brazilian rosewood guitars have that magic sound. I would look for a guitar already built with brazilian that has that sound if you're going to pay that much money. Otherwise you're just paying a premium and rolling the dice on whether you'll get a guitar you'll be happy with.
Couldn't of said it better -you take a chance on some builds - Ive always felt buying an existing guitar - is a better bargain ( when you do your homework )
but my suggestion to to personal play it before you buy -
To say its a better wood than EIR is a bunch of baloney -it depends on the wood and the builder - their is phenominal EIR -

Do most people appreciate a BR -not really -honestly 99 % dont need it - ( many wouldn't understand the difference )

its a players wood not a listeners wood !
Wood things with Strings !
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