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I tuned an old Applause 6 string flattop fixed bridge to all 5ths F-C-G-D-A-E. I don't recall the string gages used, but since I have a 26" mandocello tuned C-G-D-A-E I relied mostly on those sizes. The low F is tough, I think I used a .074 or something huge. Still is too floppy. But the C-G-D-A-E all sound good. Its great for slack key. The symmetry of 5ths tuning makes creating and transposing chords very easy.

When making a change like this you need to change the string gage, putting together a custom set. You'll likely need to re-slot the nut and possibly bridge, as well as adjust bridge position/angle to make this work on an archtop. Also if you're going to go low the holes on your tuner posts may not accomodate strings thicker than around .066.
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