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Originally Posted by Livingston View Post
...I am not familiar with archtop players who have used alternative tunings with the exception of Johnny Smith and Mundell Lowe who used drop D tuning...
From Wikipedia:

Like many early jazz guitarists, [Carl] Kress played on the banjo before switching to guitar. The tenor banjo tunes its consecutive strings in intervals of fifths,

and Kress adapted this all-fifths tuning for his guitar

although he down-tuned the A-string an octave.

Before switching to fifths tuning, Kress had used other tunings on the banjo and tenor guitar. His fifths-tuning gave Kress's playing "fuller chords and basslines", according to Lieberson
(1996, p. 42). When Kress's duets with Dick McDonough were published, they were transposed from his fifths tuning to standard tuning.
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