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Originally Posted by stuartb View Post
Nick's hog backs are some of the best on the planet. People's heads turn when I play my franklin. I always get comments on how beautiful the tone is coming from my OM. Incredible dynamics. Both the trebles and base are unique and paralyzingly lovely.

A remarkable signature sound.

Looks to be a wonderful guitar.

I know you're enjoy it.

Thanks Stuart....

I have only played a BRW Franklin OM and I too was struck by the quality of the trebles. It was partly why I wanted a guitar by Nick.

I will be curious to hear how this guitar sounds. The 50-year old German Spruce should be superlative. Thd OMC is 5/8” bigger across the lower bout than Nick’s OM to make up for the lost body volume of the cutaway. This set of Cuban Mahogany is much denser than most HOG.

I should get to sample it by Christmas...
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