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Originally Posted by iim7V7IM7 View Post
I agree...

I am honestly not worried about any of the residual oxidative aesthetic artifacts of age that may remain. I chose this set based on its sonic potential and not on aesthetics. Nick has some milk toast perfect Swiss Spruce in his woodlocker (great wood btw), but to his hands and ears it did not have the same sonic potential of this stuff. I believe he only has 3 or 4 sets remaining of this old German. How often does one get the opportunity to have a guitar made in 2018 using wood resawn back in 1968 that was selected by two great luthiers (Nick Kukich & Jeffrey Elliott) that was left to season a half century?
It reminds me of the old Sitka that Ben Wilborn has used as well, 50 years old with oxidized brown coloration at the center seam, symmetrical and I actually think it looks better with that. So thumbs up from me on this German!
PS. I love guitars!
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