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Originally Posted by sirwhale View Post
I think you are right Steve.

I have learnt over time that I prefer very light strings. Flexible round core nickels, 11-50. This has been a gradual change from playing with 13s, 12s, to 11s, and then to even more flexible 11s with lower overall gauges. This will be why I'm noticing it now.

This presents me with a dilemma as I love this guitar. Do I buy thicker strings or do I buy another guitar that bonds better with flexible and lighter strings...

Let's try some new strings first then! (I'm sure some people here would love the relief of this guitar - all you thick string lovers).
I would agree with the last statement if it works, you may have near perfect light guage relief. I had a similar problem with my wood Keller Baby when I take it to Nashville high tuning. I did this again last week and I was getting a slight buss when fretting a D chord. Had to back off the truss rod slightly. This guitar has perfect low action with light guage strings, but thus no room for changes in string pull. The reason truss rods can be helpful even in carbons.
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