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Actually, I'm starting to think it is the relief of the neck, with the capo one the 1st fret and pressing on the 13th and 14th fret, there is almost no gap between the the strings and the 6th and 7th fret. Baring softly to stop vibrations behind the played notes doesn't prevent it.

I've not inspected this properly before and only just learnt how to measure it properly. I have a .011 string that is noway near small enough to go through the gap. The G string looks like it is almost touching but you can tell it isn't if you tap on it and hear the knock against the fret.

Obviously, without a truss rod, my only options are to get thicker strings I suppose (which I don't really like), or push the action higher (currently at 2mm-2.75mm, 0.79 - 0.11 inches). Or is it just a case that I shouldn't pick hard? Everywhere else on the neck seems fine even with strumming hardish.

I've had the guitar 1.5 years now but have learnt a lot about construction and measurements in that time. I've only been using 11s since last summer, so it probably wasn't even noticeable with the 12s. The guitar is still playable but you can't dig in on the frets mentioned (well you can but you get this short-lived buzz sometimes).

From using the "rocking test" the frets seem fine. So where do I go from here?
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