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Originally Posted by sirwhale View Post
It's in standard tuning. If I've had the guitar after 1.5 years, would it not have passed the responsibility of Blackbird by now?

I'm no expert on this, but as I can't find a high or low fret, and there isn't any noticeable wear on the fret, then how can it be buzzing there? For my straight edge I've using the StewMac string action gauge.

Or could there be a high fret (3rd) and It's just hard to see/feel?
I'm not at all acquainted with Blackbird guitars, but this seems quite odd. I s'pose it's possible for a fret to become slightly high but not visible. All I can really offer is, are you absolutely sure there isn't a loose fret, or if it's actually the string that is buzzing as opposed to a loose component reacting to a frequency(ies)?
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