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Default Buzz in D string, frets 1,2,3

If I play the D string hard, on the 1st, 2nd fret & 3rd fret, I get the dreaded buzz.

This only happens when I pick hard, but sometimes you want to pick hard. It is more noticeable on the 2nd fret where you can hear it very slightly when picking normally.

Action is 2.5mm (.098 inches) for that string, so it's not low.

String gauge for that string is 32. Standard tuning.

I've checked the frets with a straight edge and I can't seem to find a high or low fret and these are SS frets, so there is no visual wear after 1.5 years.

It also happened with the last set of strings. Not sure anyone here in Barcelona has any idea about Carbon Fibre and SS frets, it's all nylon string here.

Any ideas what I could do?
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