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Default Build Thread: Indian Hill Curly Maple GC-12 Cutaway for TAMCO

Just getting started on my next build for Trevor at The Acoustic Music Company. This one is going to be a Grand Concert 12-fret cutaway (flush to the heel) with curly maple back/sides and sitka spruce top.

Here's the wood...

Joining the top...

I can't really think of a simpler jig to join tops/backs -- one clamp yet incredibly effective!

Once the top is joined and cut to shape, it's time to make the rosette. I start by choosing sections of spalted maple...

Once I've decided on a section I want to use, I mark the center of the circle and simply draw/cut lines radiating from that point. By doing this there's no worry that the various sections won't line up and form the ring I'm intending.

Three sections glued up...

Next I cut out the spalted maple ring slightly larger than the final size...

I glue the oversized ring into a slot in my top...

Once this is dry, I rout out either side of the ring to fit my purfling strips, glue them in and voila!

This should be a fun and challenging guitar to build -- flush to the heel cutaways can be really tricky!

Indian Hill Guitar Company
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