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Originally Posted by rschultz View Post

I'm looking to buy a good cheap guitar ($100-300) off of CL. The vast majority of guitars in this price range don't have a pickup. So if I did, I'd be looking to add a pickup to it. Or if I could find a good one with a pickup already in it, that would be golden.

What's the best pickup for this situation? Most bang-for-your-buck. Under saddle or under bridge doesn't really matter much - although I'd probably want an active system. I'd probably install it myself to save some money.

This guitar will go to Uganda, South Africa to a missionary team there - ABIDE. Contact me if you are willing to donate a guitar to this cause. There is a team going over this summer and would hand carry the guitar on the plane and through customs.
Hi RS...
Another inexpensive option, and near bullet proof when it comes to feedback, are the Dean Markley ProMag and/or Semor Duncan Woody pickups - both in the $40 range.

They slip into the soundhole, and plug directly into the amp.

We have included these with guitars we take/send into 3rd world countries on mission trips where we play them while there, and then leave them with nationals when we leave.

They are more expensive than the really cheap one with the volume knob I listed above, but they are also more rugged and really more applicable to situations where the pickups may need to be switched between instruments, and played through pretty inexpensive equipment.

If you go to ebay and in the search box type ''soundhole pickup'' it will give you a couple hundred listings, and both of these magnetic pickup options are listed. They only apply to steel string guitars (not nylon string).

Ebay soundhole pickup listings - CLiCK

The difference is the Dean Markley ProMag pickups have a ¼'' jack which connects to the strap pin and can use a separate cable, and the Duncan have a 14 foot cable attached.

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