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Originally Posted by Photojeep View Post
Just recently I looked inside my Gibson and noticed the center strip that is glued onto the back and I got to wondering.

I understand this brace's presence means the back of my guitar is made of two pieces of wood that are glued together but I was wondering about the actual order of all this gluing.

When gluing up a two-piece back, does it matter if the two halves and the inside center stip is all done in one step?

Or are the back pieces glued together then, once dry, the center inside strip is glued in place?

Or does it even matter?

I'm just curious. Thanks.

I glue my back halves together first. After itís dry, then I sand and graduate the back to thickness then I glue the center seam cross grain reinforcement strip centered over the backís glue joint. Others may do it differently, but thatís the way I do it.
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