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Originally Posted by Cypress Knee View Post
I don't get to see a lot of the Seahawks. We get the Chargers, Rams and Raiders all the time, followed by Cardinals and 49's. We get more Broncos and Chiefs than 'Hawks for some reason. The early feed features the Packers, Pats, Saints, and Bears. And I follow the Ravens as much as possible.

So I don't get to see Wilson consistently making those clutch two-minute drives to seal the deal. I guess I know it happens, but the highlight reels usually show the scoring play and not all that leads up to it.

I am going to go out on a limb and predict that the NFL is going to move towards drafting more mobile QB's early like Watson and Jackson with the idea that the team has three to five years to surround a talented QB with high priced talent that compliments the QB's skill set and if it doesn't work within that time frame, then jettison the QB and find another.
Well, that is an interesting take! You may be right. But if I was an offensive coordinator (which I'm not) I would want you to run the play as called. Scrambling for good yards is a bonus in a pinch but not optimal. A great pocket passer is preferred. More yards and less wear and tear. A good offensive line brings wonders.
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