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Originally Posted by Dru Edwards View Post
Only good thing about the Patriot's loss last night is that we don't have to start hearing about 'undefeated season' again. Much too distracting.

Entering this season I was wondering whether Brady would be a top 5 QB, a Top 10, or an average QB. Thinking he may be closer to average? His QBR rating is #10 but his RTG is 18th. Completion % is 16th. Your thoughts? He's still the guy I want to see with the ball in his hands in the final 2 minutes of a game and down 7 points.
He's the same as ever. When they were down and he actually needed to move the ball, he did. He's been average because he's not sure about the O-line and has no chemistry with his receivers so far this year. And, he's not needed to win these games, so he's trying to put the D in good situations and not force things.

He'll be fine when he needs to be.
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