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Default Molly Smiled

So I caught Molly Tuttle's show in NYC last night. The Mercury Lounge in NYC is a SRO room. I wouldn't recommend that place for baby boomers or pre baby boomers.

Dee White opened the show with some smooth vocals, some originals, and interesting arrangements of country standards. He provided an adequate opening but I think he should vary tempo and tonics a bit. The songs all blended together . He lost me after three tunes.

Molly showed up like a star, in a bright orange dress, like the one in the recent promo photos. She pumped some serious energy into the room by picking up the tempo and showing off some guitar skills. She structured and presented the songs like a pro using her vocals, her band, the character of the room along with superb guitar skills. She pulled off a first rate performance. She was paying attention to her music teachers in her younger days.

I may have watched a flat picker with a quicker and more accurate picking hand, but I don't recall the time, place or player. Her right hand appear as a blur when she got the cross-picking going. She wins my number one favorite flat picker spot.

If Molly's tour comes close to your area, catch the show. The next time around you might need to take out a mortgage to buy tickets.

Oh yeah, twice she looked right at me and smiled. Do you think it was the photographer's lens perched just over my right shoulder?

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