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Bruce, I don't know which route you came into Santa Fe, so don't know what you've seen. Bandelier National Monument is very nice, and East of Santa Fe is Pecos National park is great to visit. Up North at the start of the high road to Taos is the Santuario De Chimayo. Very cool place to visit, although they have made " improvements " the last time I was there, and to me lost some of it's authentic feeling.You can look all these up. Bandelier is close and in the same direction as Los Alamos. Not much to see in Los Alamos IMO. Downtown, the St. Francis Cathedral, the Lorretto Chapel are nice. Canyon Rd. has lots of nice galleries and art, and the Farmer's Market on Sat. is really great. South,you can go down Route 14, the " Turquoise Trail ". Down that rd. is Cerrillos, an old town, fun to stop and see what it looked like in the old west. Hasn't changed. Then down further is the town of Madrid. A neat old coal town built by the railroad in the 1800's, was a ghost town for a while, now a neat art funky town. Pretty cool to visit. I lived there in a haunted old row house for a while. I'll tell you the story if you want in Memphis. These are just ideas. There are many different places to experience.
The Slobod is doing very well. Thank you. Great little guitar.