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Default recess truss cover jig

Here is my new redesigned truss cover jig operation. I suppose most won't find this all that interesting but this is how I do this job accurately and repeatedly.

First, here are the two parts I'm making with these jigs. The one on the left is for the recess and the one on the right is a standard truss cover.

I start by using center lines and index pins.

Then I use that part to make the jig to cut this shape. Its a down hill cut and I flip the part to do the other side. This way I get a 'mirrored' image.

Then the recessed cover is trimmed on the 'backside' of this jig.

Then I made this jig to rout the recess in the top of the headstock overlay.

Before I rout the headstock I rout a test piece to make sure the shape is accurate.

Yep - it fits. Tight.

To line this jig up I put stringers on the bottom side of the jig. These are to the normal fingerboard taper. With a few thousandths to spare. Nice tight accurate fit.

It 'splines' over the neck on the top side and indexes by bumping up to the headstock overlay. These are indexable points on my guitars . Now I'm located correctly side to side and the recess will end up in the right spot over the truss rod nut. Rocket science, right?

I'll show you the recess routs tomorrow.

Hope you all had a great day.