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Default inlay

Well, this could change but here is a glimpse of the idea. The customer 'mentioned' he wanted mother of pearl for the cat/dog, but I cut it out of that stuff at first and it just doesn't "look" like a dog, or cat. So if he wouldn't like this I'd have to shift some gears and pick the other concept back up.

If we move forward using these, I'll do some engravings on the cat/dog and I'll probably have to give the dog a white patch around his nose, because the customer dog has that (he has a pink nose too)...

The cat is cut from Musk Ox bone, I think that was what its called - it was written on the piece and it wasn't 100% clear.

And in the one pic I've got part of the table they are on in there.

I'll engrave the eyes - that will really bring the 'focus' out in them. Hope you all have a great day.