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Originally Posted by charles Tauber View Post
I laughed when I saw the "horn's bell" shape of the nut slots he prefers:

For the first two-plus decades, I used a "tear drop" shaped needle file for shaping of slots. If one angles the slots towards the tuning machines, as one should, the shape of the needle file naturally cuts a wider shape the deeper it cuts. Used for nut slot shaping, it naturally produced the "horn's bell" shape without having to do anything special. That was true regardless of the slots being perpendicular to the nut or individually angled towards the tuning machines.

These days, with straight, gauged nut files, you just get a straight slot. I haven't found any practical, functional difference between straight slots and a horn's bell shape.
Charles what would you suggest for a beginner (me), needle files or gauged nut files? I don't have anything yet as I am trying to school myself first before buying anything.
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