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Originally Posted by Talldad View Post
However you choose to file your slots you will leave a rough surface in the slot, this will snag your strings, especially the G.

If you can get a hold of a tiny drill set like this then you can smooth off the slots.

This will make tuning your new setup a delight.
I've had this very thing happen to me on the G string, after filing slots.

How do you use the drill bit to correct this? Do you lay the correct size drill bit into the slot and spin it with your fingers while slightly forcing the side of the drill into the slot? Or, do you just rub the side of the drill against the bottom of the nut slot? Both?

My G string hiroshima file is 0.027", and my G string is usually either 0.026"or 0.024"... What size drill works best for a slot cut with a 0.027" file?
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