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Default SBROTHERS Carbon Fiber guitars are INCREDIBLE!

here to review my SBROTHERS Carbon Fibre full-size travel guitar.

These SBROTHERS guitars are buy far the best carbon fibre guitars I have ever played

First of all Iíd like to state that SBROTHERS is a small independent business the dude that makes it lives about an hour drive from where I live. I drove there to check out there guitars

The guitar I chose was the SBROTHERS travel guitar. And I felt it was one of the nicest sounding out of the lot. The best guitar he had in my opinion was a dreadnaught with xbracing. It was one of the loudest richest guitars iv ever played. It also had a very wooden tone. It was also equipped with 11 gauge strings and still sounds louder and richer than any dreadnaught I have played with 12s And I have played a lot of guitars. I didnít buy this one because I liked the detachable neck on the travel guitar as I travel a lot and that the dreadnaught costs about £800 more But one day I will purchase one for sure.

All his guitars have xbracing and non xbracing versions. And it made me realise how much nicer a guitar sounds with x bracing

He showed me how he made his guitars. And I was at there house for hours deciding on what guitar I wanted to purchase. They where more than happy with this, friendly and very helpful.

Hear are some other carbon fibre guitars I have played

KLOS full size guitar - donít like it. Very cumbersome neck. Only the body is made of carbon fibre and sounds thin for a dreadnaught. I own this guitar and it was nothing but a disappointment when it arrived.i like the fact that it weighs practically nothing though

Rainsong WS1000 - very nice guitar. Easy playability and nice sound it is very trebly. The neck was to narrow but surprisingly playable. I wouldnít buy it though.

RAINSONG - donít know the model but it was red and all carbon fibre and had a cut away. It was horrible the 11 gauge strings felt like 13ns. It had low volume and was hard to play even though it had medium/low action and no sustain. Strange considering the other rainsong i played was fantastic

Iím telling you. If you are interested in investing in a carbon fibre guitar. Please consider SBROTHERS as they are by far the best carbon fibre guitars I have played. It would really surprise me if I found a better one by a different manufacturer.

. Rich loud sounding guitar that makes me not particularly miss the sound of wood
. Very low action for easy playability
. Aesthetically pleasing
. The smoothest fasted most easy playable neck I have ever played on any acoustic guitar
. The neck detaches for travel (only on the travel guitar)
. Completely made of carbon fibre
. Full sized travel guitar (most travel guitars are small, this one is a travel guitar due to detachable neck. The neck can be attach and reattached as many times as you like without wear to the guitar)
. It is very good value for money
. Can be made to your desired specifications
. It never goes out of tune (probably because itís carbon fibre)
. The guitars can be made to your specifications (action height, pickup installation, aesthetics etc...)


. There isnít any (I would like to say adleast one bad thing to make my review sound fair but Iím literally struggling to find a negative)

They installed my guitar with a fishman matrix infinity prize pick up which sounds grate

If you look on SBROTHERS website they donít make it clear but the prices listed for the guitars can be cheaper if you choose to have less things like not getting a pick up installed etc...

These guitars are handmade in Derbyshire in the UK

Hereís a video of me playing a cover of CCR Green River with my SBROTHERS guitar

Ps sorry for they bad grammar
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