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Originally Posted by MileHighJC View Post
Wow! Thanks for the input so far all! Lots of good ideas... and ways to spend money (as if I needed any other excuses).

I really had not thought of a dedicated drum backer... I was thinking that I might try to feed a drum track in from my MIDI keyboard, but the beat buddy sounds like a WHOLE lot easier.

Im a "social" kind of guy, so I am hoping to get good enough to not outright embarass myself when I try that. I do have one neighbor who is at at similar point in the journey, and another one that I think had gigged a little bit. I also have a reasonably close friend who is an EXCEPTIONAL blues guitar guy. With a little work, I might be able to play along with the first two. I would love to be able to play along with the last guy, but that is going to take a lot more work.

You have my attention on the dedicated stop switch. I am naturally a klutz, already struggling trying to sing while playing (Grumble, generally doesnt work for me), so getting the double tap sounds like another source of frustration.

Based upon what I am reading here, I am pretty close to picking up a beat buddy mini 2, and a Ditto X2 (to get the dedicated button). Looks like the beat buddy has an optional external double switch (looks a lot like what you built). Im handy enough I might try building one... doesnt look hard, but I definitely dont understand the operating principle behind it yet, but Im sure a little google research would yield that answer.

If I were to go for this it sounds like the set up is guitar into the beat buddy, fed into the looper, then to the PA on one input, a mike on the other input, and perhaps the iPhone music feed over the aux to the PA. Does that sound right?
I'd say close... I think the Ditto X2 is only 2 minutes loop time, so if you're thinking about looping your entire song that would probably not work for you.
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