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Originally Posted by Osage View Post
Although not always easy or even possible, the single best thing you can do to improve your playing is to play with others. Maybe find someone whose been playing about as long as you have and get together to jam or show each other things. Playing with someone else really pushes you to both play your best and to take it to the next level. A million years ago when I learned to play, I had a friend who was also learning. We would spend hours playing together. He was better than me and it was such a huge push to have him to play with. Even now, I learn the most when I'm playing with others. In one of the bands I'm in, the other guitarist is just amazing. Playing with him has really pushed me to bring my playing up a notch and it's been great.
This is the best advice you'll ever get.
I would add that if possible play with people who are better than you as that's a great motivator to practice and advance.
You can do it on your own but I can guarantee you one won't be as much fun, and that, my friend, is what's it's all about.
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