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Martinís new Modern Classic series ó just announced this month ó includes a D-18 which may have a neck profile that might be more to your liking. Iíd wait to play one of those before passing on your current D-18 and/or making a custom order.

In the meantime you might try playing some other Martin guitars that have a different neck profile and string spacing to see if thatís really what you want. Something like the CEO-7 or a used Martin D-18GE will have the modified-V profile, you could also check out the D-18A.

All that said, donít be too quick to write off the standard D-18 you have ó I have one as well, and while I sometimes miss the extra room I have on my Fairbanks slope-shoulder, I donít mind the D-18 as-is, though admittedly itís similar to my Taylor, which Iíve had for 13 years.

Good luck!
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