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Originally Posted by Chickee View Post
I disagree Ray. Just watch the scenes on the rooftop. Their body language and facial gestures towards each other are as full of love and respect as could ever be expected. This is four people who had been joined at the hip for a decade and needed their own space. Years later, after the dust and lawsuits settled, they all regretted not being able to continue.
From everything Iíve read, they were pretty much done working as an organic whole by the White album. And then they still did Abbey Road, Hey Jude, and Let It Be after that. And I think thatís apparent through most of the sessions in this movie. Doesnít mean they couldnít still have an occasional good time playing together. Maybe like a divorced couple who gets along better after the marriage is over and they know they donít have to live together anymore.

I donít KNOW - I was only 11 years old when they called it quits, but thatís my understanding...

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