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Originally Posted by ljguitar View Post

I wasn't clear. I wish the USB-C on the iPad 2019 could be hooked to the USB-C out of the MacMini that would allow the iPad to serve as an extension monitor. That would make a dynamite portable and powerful video/photo/audio editing package.

I had a MacMini and love all the output options. They are great, and it's not the MacMini that's lacking. It's that the new iPad 2019 cannot use the USB-C as an input port to transform the iPad screen into a remote monitor. It would be a great feature…and perhaps we'll get a third party solution.

On the memory install - Other World Computing (one of the key players in RAM, SSD Drives, conversion kits, Hard Drives, adapters, docks, cases and peripherals for Macs) is already selling upgrade RAM for the new Mac Mini. I'm sure it's just a matter of time and they will put up a HowTo install video. They are good about that.

Ah I misunderstood

Back to the general OP ...I just watched a YouTube vid. About user replacing the RAM and while it is doable with a couple of the correct tools . It looks like quite a project
Apparently You have to remove the fan and the logic board to get at the RAM

I will post a link
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