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Originally Posted by JayBee1404 View Post
Thanks for the comments, all very useful and give me plenty to think about!

Eric, that's precisely what I intend to do. I'll experiment with the mic-orientation as you suggest - pointing it 'backwards' into the lower bout hadn't occurred to me, but I will give that a try. Pointing towards the neck-block, as it currently does, there seems to be very little difference between its sound and the sound from the UST.

FWIW, I have no problem with how the Fishman sounds, it's the battery and other internal clutter that's driving me nuts at the moment, together with my OCD about the UST possibly affecting un-plugged tone (and I guess the only way to lay that ghost would be to remove it, which sounds a bit like 'The Final and Irreversible Solution'!).

Thanks for your help, and if anyone has anything further to contribute, please feel free, it all helps.
There's the other side of though..sometimes removing a pickup can have a negative impact on the tone. I had the Fishman Matrix blend in my Taylor for years but also kept the original ES in there as well. I loved the tone of the guitar. I removed both systems to try the Lyric and then the Amulet. My guitar has not sounded the same since. I am not saying the tonal change was due to the Fishman system but both systems seemed to tame the brightness of the guitar.
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