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I have inquired to both my local dealer as well as a few well reputed online retailers, none of which are part of the small group of retailers this C5 version is available to. Córdoba sent me the names of the two dealers closest to me (one five hours away, the other 7 hours away). I had some correspondence with one of the dealers Córdoba recommend to me. They told me they can order them and told me the cost, so I hope I am on the right track in getting one. I have been on a C5 vs C7 fence for months. My preference waffles back and forth every time I get a chance to A/B the two. My only relatively consistent preference is the back binding detail and the color contrast between the cedar top/rosewood back and sides on the C7... strictly aesthetic. Every now and then, I come across a C5 with some exceptional grain patterns ( though nothing that approaches a flamed sort of pattern) in the Mahogany back and sides that makes me appreciate the simple back strip on the C5. The flamed mahogany version of the C5 has me interested enough to Just go ahead and order one....if I can find one to order. Even entry level guitars can carry the ability to inspire a rudimentary player like me if it has just a little extra visual appeal. Sorry for the far too long explanation. Thanks to all!
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