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Default Initial comparison

Kent has made this extremely tough for me by producing two outstanding albeit distinctly voiced instruments. If either had arrived at my door solo, I would be delighted with either. This rare opportunity to compare two custom builds is an amazing opportunity that I am most greatful for (thanks Kent).

After playing both instruments for about 3-hours now, I can begin to hear some distinctions between the two.

No. 99 (Wenge/Engelmann Spruce)
- clearer, brighter sounding guitar
- overtones are there but wider in spectrum
- slightly longer sustain with airy, dryer timbre during decay
- faster attack
- higher headroom
- more open sounding
- responds to a lighter touch

No. 100 (Brazilian Rosewood/Engelmann Spruce)
- thicker, sweeter sounding guitar
- overtones more narrowly surround tonic tone
- slightly less sustain with warmer timbre
- slower attack with more bloom
- less headroom
- more focused sounding
- requires a slightly heavier touch

Feel wise, the Wenge guitar is significantly lighter and has a different tactile experience due to the satin/semi-gloss finish. The textures of the woods look amazing with this finish. The BRW guitar is also beautiful, but is heavier and has a more typical gloss finish. Depending on the style in which I play, I go back and forth as to which I prefer (I know, I know stop saying buy both!).


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