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Default Chasson No. 99 & No. 100 Arrive

I arrived home to two guitar boxes in my foyer today.

They are both beautiful and after about 30 minutes of play, clearly have distinctive voices. No. 99 (Craftsman) is a lighter weight instrument than No. 100 (Prairie Style). My initial impression is No. 99 is a bit brighter in its timbre, is more open and has more shimmer. No. 100 has a beautiful thick, meatiness to its high E and B strings that I really like. Both are set up perfectly and play like a dream.

Tomorrow is going to be a rainy fall day. Perfect for spending a day auditioning both guitars. I need to play through a but of tunes, styles to see which feels more at home.

This is going to be an extremely tough (but fun) decision to decide which one stays and which one goes. If either had arrived on their own, I would have been delighted.

Kudos Kent!


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