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I have to respond in 2 steps:

1. I bought an Ibanez thinbody nylon for about 300 bucks. All laminate and the neck was a touch thinner than the standard 2 inch classical neck. LOVED it and still do. But I decided I wanted a thin body classical with a solid top which leads us to step

2. Bought a Cordoba thin body classical, full width neck, about 500 bucks. It's ok, but since I almost always play them plugged in, I like the Ibanez better. It has a better plugged in sound, and I dig the slightly narrower neck.

The quality on the Cordoba is fine, but it just never sang to me. My daughter wanted a classical and I gave it to her. The Ibanez is sitting right next to me at this moment, waiting to play some more.
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