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Originally Posted by SprintBob View Post
Given my application is solo instrumental fingerstyle acoustic, what has been frustrating in searching out advice on learning about applying compression (and understanding compression parameters) is that most of what I find is in the context of making the guitar sit properly in a mix with other instruments and/or a vocalist. One of the articles that made some sense to me was looking at compression where a solo instrumental player is using percussive techniques as the percussion can create transients that benefit from compression to smooth out the recording.

I’ve got a “heavy” thumb that I am always trying to tame and perhaps compression could be used to smooth it out in the mix rather than EQ’ing?
My attitude about compression for solo acoustic is set the ratio light (3 to 1, maybe 4 to 1) then bring up input gain until you just start to hear the effect, then back it off just a tad. Too much and it brings out finger squeaks, nail noise, etc. Also, be aware of your gain staging. If the output is too hot, bring down the output gain.
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