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Originally Posted by Quickstep192 View Post
I hope we keep this thread going.

Iím a newbie experimenting with strings and these comparisons are very helpful to me.

Iíve tried the Pearse/Infeld strings and found them to sound too much like steel strings. Nylon is too subdued for me, but I like the Knobloch CXs that I have on now, but I wouldnít mind just a tad brighter; especially on the third.

I think Iíll try the Rubinos next, so I look forward to what all of you have to say about them.

If you're seeking a brighter third string than the CXs, you might try a Savarez
Alliance; beyond that, one of the wound thirds. It's hard to make a monofilament third string that acts like a 'perfect' string, and a classical gtr has
a lot going on in that region that can cause a blurred sound, anyway.
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