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Originally Posted by mattyc71 View Post
.....I'm guessing that all of the greats, to some extent, just do what comes natural to them. Why shouldn't we? Good luck on your journey!
Originally Posted by Toby Walker View Post
......Do what srick suggested: get into the spirit of his playing. I would also suggest finding alternate ways of playing those chords that will do the job.
Originally Posted by tdq View Post
......I'm a Rev fan, but never really looked too closely at his fingering - I'm happy with "sounds like" and "close enough".
A lot of great nuggets of wisdom here. One of the hardest things to do is play note-for-note just like your guitar heroes. They have their own unique hand shape and physiology, and their own understanding and vision of what they were trying to say musically. Some times good enough is..... good enough. Every time I've learned a new finger style piece in whatever style, some adaptations have to be made.
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