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Originally Posted by 3notes View Post
Thanks for the great replies. All of them.

I've decided I have no need for any pedals at this time. I think I was kidding myself. Especially in the way that the amp has a ton of onboard effects. I just need to zero in on different tones for different tunes.

That said, would a compression pedal be good for sustain, alone.?? I certainly don't want to limit the "signal." I don't like that sound. Not at this point anyways. And that goes right to the dynamic thing as previously mentioned above. I can live with the highs and lows for now. I want sustain.

Anyways... I play a lot of single note melodies. Would a compression pedal be good for sustain.??
Yes, a compression pedal can be used for sustain; however, you lose dynamics in your playing. I find a very short delay and some reverb can help add a little girth to your notes. Overdrive can add sustain as well.
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