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Originally Posted by SpruceTop View Post
Nice Guitars and reasonably priced, too! I like the Fishman Matrix/Prefix Plus T electronics. These guitars come factory-equipped with Elixir Extra-Light-Guage strings which are too light for me as I use nothing lighter than 12-53 strings, and on their dreadnought model would likely want 12-56 Light/Medium. Now, obviously, the guitars can be restrung from the factory-installed string gauge but then the nut slots may have to be recut by the owner. I'd imagine that if you order a guitar from S Brothers they would adjust it to a customer's string-gauge selection?
Yea they would for sure, when I went to there house to check out there guitars I brought some strings with me so I could see how they sounded with my strings and they where more than happy to do this. I actually had my SBROTHERS guitar equipped with electret 12 - 53 strings. All there other guitars where 11ns. I have 2 voyage air acoustic guitars that I put 11 gauge strings on and swap out the 11 for a 13 which helps a lot when playing slide but Iím gonna keep 12s on my SBROTHERS for sure. Richer sound
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