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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
I set my goals high, but try to keep my expectations realistic. Even 16 years into it (as a hobby and definitely part time) and even with some pretty decent pro level gear, I don't "expect" my recording to sound like a pro's recording done on pro gear with 20-30 years of full time experience (although that is the goal) but then again it is the "goal" that keeps me interested
I have nowhere near 16 years experience with my home recording studio but in the few years it's been up and running I've been aiming to not only match but surpass what "pro studios" produced for me. Time and time again in the past it seemed that the pro studio guys understood how to record electric guitars but not acoustic guitars and I'm a diehard (old school) acoustic guitar player. The process has been frustrating at times and I certainly am not yet where I want to be. Despite the set-backs I've come to really enjoy the learning curve and appreciate that the journey is its own reward. And, like KevWind, the goal keeps me motivated.

Originally Posted by jim1960 View Post
The innovations in software keeps me interested. I'm absolutely amazed at what we can do now inside a DAW and what some plugins are capable of doing.
I couldn't agree more! Just recently, however; the Mies van der Rohe notion that less is more in architecture has been gaining ground for me with regard to audio recording. I'm back to experimenting with mic placement and performance adjustments to get takes that require less post recording processing. Nevertheless, like jim1960, I'm still amazed at what plugins can do.
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