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Stick with it. I think it only SEEMS HORRIBLE to you, I bet. listening to yourself can be an ugly experience. I was ready to sell everything, but I kept at it. The more you record the more you get accustomed the hearing yourself. In awhile you get to the point that you will be able to listen to yourself and even begin to use your recording to improve even more. Soon you will begin to think that perhaps it does not sound as bad as you thought. Next thing you know you will listen to something you have done and be thinking itís not really bad....then you will be looking for gigs and wanting to sell music that you made. Haha.
Sometimes you figure out that you can sound fine. I used to think everyone was lying to me. After a few gigs with many folks asking to turn up the vocals, and then telling you that now it sounds much will be there. Making any music is special. And you are doing it. Keep on....
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