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Have you heard about the shoemaker's children? They have no shoes.

Motivation is a funny thing. I spend my life recording. I'm "passionate" about it. I love to record music. I'm a professional. I work in a state-of-the-art recording studio. But after a week of recording for other people I do find it hard to get around to working on my own projects. This has stretched on into years and decades at this point.

Funny, huh?

If we have much discernment, we are our own worst critics. Forgive yourself for who you are and what level you are on and allow yourself to try. Do your best and be content in your efforts.

"It is said, 'Go not to the elves for counsel for they will say both no and yes.' "
Frodo Baggins to Gildor Inglorion, The Fellowship of the Ring

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