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Well recording is the only way to hear a lot of things I want to hear and stuff that I've written, because they're based on multiple parts not all played at the same time. The outside audience for some of the resulting pieces is smallish, but I like that audience.

I'll have to agree with those up-thread who say that some of us never get to like hearing our own voice, and with my own voice there are objective issues with it (or rather my control and use of it). On the other hand, I actually like some of the ideas I'm able to express with my instruments, and I sometimes listen to an older piece and marvel that I was able to come up with and play that.

One of the odd things I find with recording, is that that takes I think are good while I'm playing aren't always the best or most interesting, and sometimes that ones I think are so-so show ideas on playback that some part of my mind was creating while another part was thinking "I don't know if I'm dealing with this well."

In the past month or so I've had to remind myself the opposite: sometimes it's good to "just play." That's a different mind set, and I realize how someone could fall into love with the "live" approach to music and care less for the creation of "frozen" objects. We do both with instruments and our musical selves, but they are different experiences.
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