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Originally Posted by GuitarLuva View Post
Another awesome batch. I like how Alistair hesitated at the end when talking about the resonator guitar. If he's looking for opinions/feedback I for one would love to see a resonator guitar in their model lineup. Wait a sec that would mean I would have to buy one...ok forget what I said.

I don't know how likely a production Emerald resonator is. I have no concept of what the reso market looks like...a niche of a niche or a high-end CF opportunity? (Hey, if Emerald can offer a harp guitar...)

But until/unless Emerald makes some resonator-specific molds, a resonator build requires deep mods and custom fabrication. I think that's where the hesitation comes in--be prepared to pay for something far outside of regular production! And have no doubt--Alistair is a master.

I was happy to fund this R&D experiment, and of course, it looks like Emerald absolutely nailed it. NGD forthcoming.
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