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These Friday ship videos are always fun to watch. I must admit t getting a bit more interested in a possible Emerald in the future if I can put together the funds.

I would be interested probably in either an X20 or an X30 with one of the wood veneer tops and probably a green or amber back and sides. I would want a short scale with 1 7/8" nut and 2 5/16" saddle string spacing (like my Huss & Dalton). From what I understand, Emerald could do that without too much trouble.

So, it is good to see the variety of guitars coming out of Emerald. Unfortunately, the only way I could really know whether an X20 or X30 would be right for me, would be to hold them and see which fits best. Anyway, that is in the future if it happens.

Emerald seems to be on to a good thing with lots of satisfied customers. Good for them! They have invested some serious time and effort into their product line and they seem to have hit their stride in fine shape. I personally think it is a good thing for Emerald and us, that folks here are posting about the company and their products.

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